Two Sonic Happy Hours?!?!?!?

Yesterday I hit up Sonic during happy hour because it was on my way to another place I was going (The only time I really get Sonic.) As I was getting my 1/2 price slush, the cashier handed me my receipt and let me know that there was a phone number I could call and answer their survey. If I did, they would give me a code to get a free Route 44 drink next time I came in. I said thanks, and was on my way. I did look down at the receipt and it showed that they are now having Happy Hour TWICE a day. I didn’t find anything on Sonic’s website, so I don’t know if this is at all stores, just some, or just the one I was at. But according to my receipt, Happy Hour will now be from 2-4pm and also from 8-10pm! So if you have to work, or just miss the 2-4 Happy Hour, you can now go at night from 8-10! Of course, check with your local store to be sure, but I know this will make a few people happy!


One Response to Two Sonic Happy Hours?!?!?!?

  1. katiehobbie says:

    yay!!! i’ll defnitely be checking into that!

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