Another Tag Blanket-

One of my sister’s friends from college had a baby girl recently. She had seen the tag blanket that I made for one of their other friends and asked for one for her daughter. I was happy to make one. I have finally learned a better way to make them (I guess that just happens once you have made quite a few of them!).

I ran out of the soft terry cloth fabric that I normally use to make tag blankets so I just used something else I had in my stash. It turned out cute and I really liked it. I do like the terry cloth fabric because it is nicer to use for wiping things up (Spit up, drool, etc). This tag blanket was so fun to make because I was able to use purple (I usually use pinks.). I also have been making boy tag blankets recently so I haven’t been able to use fun girly ribbons.

Makiahs Tag Blanket

Makiah's Tag Blanket

LOTS of fun ribbons!

LOTS of fun ribbons!


2 Responses to Another Tag Blanket-

  1. amy says:

    Very cute. She loves it. And I think we may need to make another…

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