A Kindle Craft

Recently our Etsy shop had been contacted by our fifth grade teacher! She had a special request for a case for her Kindle DX. I have not even held the Kindle DX or seen one in person but I was willing to give it a try. I made a protoype of the case out of some scrap fabric that I had. It was certainly not perfect. It was VERY helpful to me though to make it before I tried to make the case for a potential buyer (with special order fabric!). I learned quite a few things and figured out ways to do things differently when I actually went to make the case.


The first case was made off of the specs for the Kindle DX itself, but after I made it, I found out that the customer actually wanted the Kindle DX with its leather case to fit inside the case I was making. Not a big deal, so I added a bit of space in the next one. I also used a thicker batting inside the actual case to help protect it. The pocket on the customer’s case is also larger than the prototype and lined with batting. I don’t think it came out perfect but it is pretty good. Hopefully our teacher will like it and her Kindle DX will fit in it perfectly. Here is a peek at the case for my readers:

Closed up

Closed up

Open with Pocket for charger in the top part

Open with Pocket for charger in the top part

I doubt that I would make another case, but if someone asked for a special order, at least I now know how to go about it. If anyone is interested in the prototype case, for their Kindle DX or something else, please let me know. I may even just give it to you!


One Response to A Kindle Craft

  1. Jessica says:

    What are the sizes? I wonder if it would work for my moms netbook!

    Kati Here: The Kindle DX is 8.5″x11″x0.5″ (That’s the specs for the prototype one.) The bulldog case was made larger to fit the customer’s leather case inside also.

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