Another Freebie from Walgreens

I think I might take advantage of this one…just have to find the perfect picture! 🙂

Today at Walgreens online, you can order an 11×14 Poster and use the code FREEPOSTER to get it FREE! Thanks to Jennifer for pointing out my information was actually wrong…..You can get the poster free but you will have to pay shipping (Min $1.99) to get it to your house. Bummer but still not a horrible deal.

Now to decide on a perfect poster picture…or maybe I’ll make a collage in Photoshop and have that printed…. 🙂 Once again don’t forget that photos can make great gifts!


2 Responses to Another Freebie from Walgreens

  1. Jennifer says:

    Did it let you place your order for pickup in the store, so that it was really free?? I tried to do it, but it only gave me the option to have it shipped and you have to pay for shipping.

    Kati Here: I hadn’t tried it yet, but yes you are right. You can’t pick it up in the store. Sorry about that I’ll fix the post. 😦

  2. Jennifer says:

    Still not a bad deal, but not as good as free!

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