Oh Seriously Brett

I guess the first time he retired and then came back to the game he didn’t learn much. I don’t think he was too smart to retire, come back, get traded to the Jets and play the season. I mean really. He’s accomplished a lot and should have just gone out while he was still doing well.

Now he’s decided to retire and oh yes come back and play for the Vikings…oh geez. It’s going to be an interesting year yet again. Too much drama if you ask me. Make up your mind, either play, or agree with most of us that you did well and are getting old for the game and retire!


One Response to Oh Seriously Brett

  1. Favre Fan says:

    If he was too old the vikiings would not have paid $25 million for 2 years. The man may not be as sharp as he once was, but brett at his worst is better than most QB’s at their best.

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