We’re Back

Setting up the camper in the rain

Setting up the camper in the rain

We have survived our first family camping trip! I think it went well for the most part. We were planning to leave on Friday around 3pm…but just as we were finishing up the packing of the camper and the truck, the clouds opened up with a monsoon. We decided we would hang out at the house and wait out the rain. Thankfully after a bit it lightened up and then quit. We had to make a few stops on our way out. We got to the campsite and found that we were the first to arrive. It was sprinkling when we got there but Big Monkey was determined to go ahead and get the camper set up. Little Monkey hung out in the truck while we worked on getting things put together. Once the camper was ready to have people inside it, Little Monkey came in and hung out with us.

Little Monkey playing hide and seek in the cabinets

Little Monkey playing hide and seek in the cabinets

Since it was still raining, we worked on getting the inside of the camper set up and putting things in proper places. (Little Monkey thought this meant he should play hide and seek in the cabinets.) We found plenty of storage places for our dishes, games, towels, etc. We also got the beds set up.

Riding his trike down to the lake

Riding his trike down to the lake

Little Monkey was excited to see his Cars sheets (just like the beach!) on his bed. After we got things set up, we decided to go exploring a little bit. There was a lake very close to our campsite and we had Little Monkey ride his trike over to it.

While we were at the lake, we found a gator in the lake. It is a VERY friendly gator.

(The ranger said they will probably have to kill it.) He headed right over to us to see if we were going to feed it. When we were hanging out on the dock, we found out that our friends were going to be later than they had planned. Originally, half their family was going to arrive with their trailer and set up around 6pm but thanks to the crazy rain we had had early in the day, they were delayed. The dad got called into work thanks to a lightening strike.

Friendly, Hungry Gator

Friendly, Hungry Gator

They finally all got to the park together around 9pm! They also had other friends who were coming and they made it there while we were setting up. We met them on the dock. They had two kids and two dogs. Little Monkey was very excited about the dogs.

Eventually we decided it was time for some dinner, so Big Monkey set up our grill. (I mean literally had to put the whole thing together. I wish we would have thought of that before we got there…then we could have had dinner MUCH sooner! But oh well, you learn as you go!) We had burgers for dinner that night. It was interesting because Big Monkey eats regular burgers, I eat turkey burgers and Little Monkey gets special low protein burgers made from portabella mushrooms. We were also going to have baked beans but the can opener I got was not working well and we couldn’t get the can open. Big Monkey threw away the can opener, complaining about smart people buying odd things. (I bought that can opener for two reasons. 1. It was compact so it would take up less space in the camper. 2. It was cheaper than the bigger version.) Now we will be getting another can opener before our next trip! After dinner we headed over to our friend’s friends’ campsite to have a fire and make smores. Our friends arrived in the meantime and got set up. Even though they had been home, they did not eat dinner, so they cooked hot dogs in the fire. Finally, around 11:30pm, we all headed to bed. (Yes Little Monkey was up all day and never had a nap!)


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