Another Surprise!

Recently I had posted about the rice/bean bags that I had made as a gift for a friend. I had some comments about how they were cute and all; one person even suggesting that they would like 100 of them for their school.

I have since made a set for Little Monkey and have learned another lesson in ways to make them. The next time I put the letters on I will do the iron on and sew around the letters to help keep them on. Little Monkey has almost pulled his letters off!

I was going for a visit to my mom’s school this past week and decided that I would make a couple of bean bags before I went. They really don’t take too long to do but I’m not making 100 of them! 🙂 Hopefully the teacher who suggested 100 will be happy with five for now! Maybe she can get some parents from her school to make her some more. I think they would be best if they were denim since they will likely be using them outside in PE class. The school’s mascot is the ladybug, so I chose ladybug fabric from my stash for these!

Ladybug Bean Bags!

Ladybug Bean Bags!


2 Responses to Another Surprise!

  1. Kerri says:

    Thanks again, can’t wait to use them 🙂

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