Little Girl’s Gift For Little Monkey

I thought that Little Girl (We still need a blog name for her folks!) should have a gift for Little Monkey when he comes to meet her at the hospital. I just couldn’t decide what. Today while shopping at Target (after reading about it online) I decided what to get him.

Target currently has the Leapfrog Tag Reader System on clearance for $12.48 (at our store they were still marked $49.99 and the ones with the Dr. Suess book are $49.99). At the store I was at, someone had left a $5 off Target coupon for the system, which I used (Thanks whoever you were!) because I forgot my $10 off coupon at home. Yes you read that right. You can go here and print out a $10 off coupon for the Tag Reader system. So it will only cost you $2.48 plus tax. (Talk about an AWESOME gift…think ahead, birthdays, Christmas, etc.) They are not discontinuing these yet are currently there are at least 25 books you can get to go with the system. I plan to go back and get another one with the $10 off coupon and return the one I got today to save the extra $5. Hopefully there will still be more whenever I get back there. (I imagine there will be because they are marked at $49.99.) If there aren’t, it is still a great deal at $7.48. Hopefully Little Monkey will love his new book reader once he gets it.


2 Responses to Little Girl’s Gift For Little Monkey

  1. Holly says:

    AWESOME!! Way to go Paul! Looks like fun Kati!

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