Free Home Depot Kids Workshop

This morning I took Little Monkey over to Home Depot to do the free kids workshop. We have never taken him to one (It says they are designed for kids ages 5-12.) Home Depot has free kids workshops on the first Saturday of the month. Today’s free workshop was to build a bean bag toss.

Little Monkey had a fun time putting it together. Yes he did need help, as did even most of the older kids that were there. I started all the nails for him but he did a great job finishing putting them in. He has been playing with it ever since we got home. He has also asked for more bean bags. The ones I have already made for him are too big, so we’ll have to see about making some more smaller ones. The kit did come with two little Home Depot bean bags though.

After he finished putting it together, he got a certificate for him work and a sticker to put on the bean bag toss if he wanted. He says that he wants to paint it green. We’ll see about that! Also each time you go, you get a pin to add to your apron (that you are supposed to get on your first visit but apparently they didn’t have any today). I wish we had taken him to some others this summer because it didn’t take too long and he had fun. Next month they are building a firehouse bank. Hopefully Big Monkey can take him to that one! (It looks like it might be more work than the bean bag toss was!)

Lots of Concentration!

Lots of Concentration!

Finishing up his work.

Finishing up his work.


2 Responses to Free Home Depot Kids Workshop

  1. Mom says:

    Good Work, Paulie!!!!

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