A Work In Progress

We spent some time over Labor Day weekend working on Little Monkette’s room. It was a disaster area before we started and seeing that she could show up anytime, we decided that we better get to work! Big Monkey’s mom came over for the weekend to help out. We spent Saturday getting everything out of her room that did not belong. We made piles of stuff to give away and stuff to try and sell. GrandMom and Little Monkey also got the closet painted. We washed most of her clothes that are sized newborn to six months and sorted the rest. Her clothes are now in boxes by size in her closet and the smallest stuff is in her dresser.

Sunday GrandMom and Big Monkey painted her bedroom. Before the day was over, her room was painted, the crib was down from the attic and put together and her room is starting to look like a little girl belongs in there! We are not done yet (there is NOTHING on the walls!) and we need to fix the current “white line” border. I really wanted to put a ribbon there and found something that would be perfect and fits but Big Monkey is not keen on the idea AT ALL. We tried looking for a border but had no success there either. We think the current plan is to just fill in the “white line” with white paint. In the pictures it looks okay, but in real life, there are some issues where paint got into it and where it is not crisp.

Looking into her room from the door towards her closet.

Looking into her room from the door towards her closet.

I also got some wooden letters that spell out her name and have painted them the brown color that is on the bottom part of her walls. I will use the pink color to put polka dots onto the letters and then we will hang them with some brown and pink ribbon that Little Monkey picked out. I also have an old wooden sign that I’m thinking I will paint brown and either get some vinyl lettering or find someone who can paint nice letters on it (maybe a saying like “Always kiss me goodnight” or something). I also picked up a mirror for $2 that I had originally thought we would use in her room. Since we ended up going with different colors, I’m thinking about painting the mirror with the brown and pink so we can still use it in her room. I am also still thinking about getting some other kinds of vinyl wall decorations to use, but I haven’t decided yet. My mom had picked up some fun circles that we could use, but I haven’t tried them out yet to see how well they match the colors on the walls.

Overall her room is coming together and just awaiting the finishing details and her arrival! (Sorry the pictures appear to be of not great quality…I’m not sure what happened!)

Her Crib and Swing (The cover was in the wash and Little Monkeys Baby was swinging.)

Her Crib and Swing (The cover was in the wash and Little Monkey's Baby was swinging.)

Changing Table/Dresser

Changing Table/Dresser


2 Responses to A Work In Progress

  1. Mom says:

    Could you tack the ribbon with flat head thumb tacks kinda like the ceiling in Ainsley’s room??? We could probably find tacks with colors???? Just a thought.

    Kati Here: Yes I’m sure we could but Bradley is adamant against the idea so I don’t think that will be happening. 🙂

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