A Dog For Your Birthday?

We have been discussing getting another dog since we had to put Amos down. We had seemed to agree on getting a dog after Little Monkette got here and we got settled. Now Big Monkey is really hoping to get a dog for his birthday (this week). We had talked about types of dogs and we had decided on probably either a Boston Terrier or Beagle. We need the dog to be a smaller sized breed so that it can go camping with us. We had both looked recently on some rescue sites and found some dogs that could be possibilities.

Earlier today we looked at some more dogs and found one in a rescue that is close by. The adoption fee is less than the fees that we were seeing with some of the other agencies and this dog is younger than the others we found. Big Monkey filled out the interest form on her today. We will wait and see if we get a response. If they decide that we are a good match, they will do a home visit and then decide to match us or not with the puppy. Here is some information on the dog we are looking at:

The dog is a female and is spayed. She is between 8 months old and 1 year old. She is currently in foster care with a family that has another dog and kids. She gets along with their kids great and also their dog. She is house trained and crate trained. She also has a microchip. Her current name is Kylie (Big Monkey thinks this is a sign because it was one of our top choices to name Little Monkette.) Here is her picture:

Isnt she cute?

Isn't she cute?


3 Responses to A Dog For Your Birthday?

  1. Uncle K says:

    Really? Kylie was one of the top choices for a girl name? Just the resemblance to my name makes me feel honored (and shocked that Bradley would even let the name get in the final running).

    Kati Here: Well the name was Kylielynn, but yes it was in the final running. (Top two) And yes I’m probably fortunate that Bradley would even consider it since it is so close to your name. (My top boy name was Kyler and he rejected that because it was way too close to your name!)

  2. amy says:

    She’s cute. And so funny on the name!

  3. […] the weekend Big Monkey had filled out an application of interest on Kylie. We found out yesterday that there are two families ahead of us that have also filled out interest […]

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