Ohhhh, Football

Football season has begun. This means that Sundays (and sometimes Mondays and Thursdays) will involve some sort of football watching. Big Monkey is in two fantasy football leagues this year, so he likes to pay attention to the games to see how things are going. I don’t mind watching football and Big Monkey is pretty good about explaining things when I ask questions. (Even my crazy questions.)

For example—

I asked Big Monkey why teams don’t put multiple quarterbacks on the field at a time. (I figured that one quarterback could throw it, someone (maybe even the other quarterback) could catch it and then another quarterback could throw it again.) Apparently this is not the case. Even when you see those plays where the players are all tossing the football around like crazy…they may only throw the football in a forward motion if they are behind the line of scrimmage. (Who thinks up these kinds of rules?)

Another one I didn’t get was why the team who kicked the football, but then recovered it had to give it back to the other team. Apparently the team kicking the ball away can recover it once it hits the ground…but then they have to give it back to the other team to start their plays from whereever it was recovered. This is because the ball is dead. (Ummm, sure)

I know there have been some other crazy questions but at this time I cannot recall them. Maybe there will be another blog post about football when I remember what crazy questions I’ve asked. Tomorrow I will head to the library to get a book a football. 🙂


One Response to Ohhhh, Football

  1. amy says:

    why are you getting a book about football? ha ha..you are so funny.

    Kati Here: There was lots of discussion on facebook last night about how I don’t understand a lot of stuff and therefore ask crazy questions. 🙂

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