Little Monkette’s Gift

You may recall this post from about a week and a half ago. Little Monkette did a great job finding a cool gift to give to her big brother, Little Monkey, when he comes to meet her at the hospital. I was able to go back with my $10 coupon and buy another Tag Reader for just $3.55 after taxes! I returned the one I had bought before and got the money back for it.

I found out online that some of the tag books were on clearance at Kmart. There were also some coupons for $3 off the books too! I forgot to print the coupon the first time I went, but I picked up one book. At another store, I had my coupons and got two books for $4.xx (and a coupon printed out for $5 off another book!). So far Little Monkette has a total of four books to give Little Monkey with his Tag reader. There are plenty of other books out there that I’m sure we will work on getting some of them. His Tag reader can only hold five books worth of audio at a time. I spent last night getting it all set up so that whenever the time comes he’ll be able to use it right away. (It would not be a good sight to see to give a three year old a gift and then take it away because it needs batteries and computer downloads!

Here are the books Little Monkey will already have from Little Monkette:

I am hoping to get him the carrying case and probably some other books, although I’m not in a big rush for either. 🙂 We’ll see how much he likes it when he gets it. It seems pretty cool to me and you can put headphones into the Tag reader so that we don’t all have to listen to every book he wants to read!


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  1. […] but I do need to pack my hospital bag and probably a bag for Little Monkey. I also need to wrap Little Monkey’s gift from Little Monkette that he will get from her when he comes to meet her. Today Little Monkette’s car seat […]

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