Medical Updates Take Two!

This is actually try number three to get this post written, saved and published!!! This is crazy!

This post is to give you medical updates on both Little Monkey and Little Monkette.

Last week we got Little Monkey’s lab results back from his most recent trip to the doctor. His phe level was 6.0 (This is on the high end of the acceptable range for our clinic.). Last time his level was 6.1. The dietitian decided to reduced Little Monkey’s daily phe intake just a bit. They figure if his phe intake is that high when he is fasting for the blood test, it is likely even higher during the day when he is eating. Hopefully this change will make a difference and bring his levels back down where they have been before. Little Monkey doesn’t have to go back in until December. (If Little Monkette also has PKU, we will be visiting them again much sooner…we will have to wait and see to find out if she does.)

Earlier today I went in for my weekly check on Little Monkette. The doctor was happy that I have made it to full term; I am 37 weeks and 2 days. I did not gain any weight this week. I did dilate a little bit more though. We are now at 3 centimeters dilated and still 70% effaced. I am measuring about a week to a week and a half behind so the doctor is sending me for an ultrasound to check her size. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned that she may be small as Little Monkey was small and I am small. She may just be slowing her growth because she is running out of room. The doctor still wants to get a look at her though just to make sure that she is on track, but just small. I will be going on Friday for the ultrasound, so hopefully we will know her approximate size then. The doctor said that she expects to see Little Monkette within the week! OH MY! Time to get ready… 🙂 Well I think we are mostly ready already but I do need to pack my hospital bag and probably a bag for Little Monkey. I also need to wrap Little Monkey’s gift from Little Monkette that he will get from her when he comes to meet her. Today Little Monkette’s car seat arrived; I think that is the last item we actually HAD to have to get her home from the hospital!


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