Time For Football!

Some of the guys in our church have a fantasy football league. Big Monkey is a part of the league for its second year. (Last year he played and came in last and won the toilet seat award.) We are hoping for a better showing this year! One of the other wives had an idea to have a playdate with the kids and make shirts for the guys and the kids to represent their fantasy football teams. We went over to their house this past week and got to work. Everyone was excited that I was coming because they said they needed my creative help. (I tried to explain to them that I am really not that creative. Just about everything I make is something I have found online and just recreate!) The other moms used paint pens, markers and tie dye. I also did one tie dye onesie for Little Monkette. It wasn’t ready to go yet when we left, so I don’t have it back yet.

I also made Little Monkette this onesie.



It was simply an iron on that I bought and ironed on to the shirt. 🙂 I still haven’t decided if it is done as it is or not. I might add some words or her name to it with the embroidery machine or some iron on letters.

This is Little Monkey’s shirt. I made a long sleeve shirt (mainly because when I went looking for plain white shirts, long sleeve was the only thing I could find in his size). I did most of the work at home before we went to the playdate. (Printing a template, preparing the fabrics and getting it all cut out) Then at the playdate I did all the iron on work. I had to sew it when I got it back home. I had left part of the football without the fusible webbing on it so that after I sewed around the edge, I could make it fray some.

Football Applique

Football Applique

Here is an up close of the football, before it had been frayed at all.



Big Monkey also got a shirt. I had picked him out a red shirt and put his team name on the back with some iron on letters. Then on the front I had also printed a template to use to create the football and the burst around it. I did all the prep work at home also and then did the iron on work at playdate. Big Monkey says that he likes it…but we’ll see if he’ll wear it out of the house at all! (It reminds me of the Incredibles outfits a little bit!)

Front, Close up, just starting the fraying of the black

Front, Close up, just starting the fraying of the black

Back-The name of Big Monkeys Fantasy Football Team

Back-The name of Big Monkey's Fantasy Football Team


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