Rainbow Cupcakes!

I really wanted something to snack on the other day and had planned to make brownies but forgot. (How does one forget about brownies though…seriously!) So yesterday I decided instead to make cupcakes. A while back I had seen this recipe and saved it in my “One day we’ll make that” file. I didn’t end up making it quite the same as they did. I just used a boxed cake and made it as the box said to. Then I divided it up and added my food coloring. We had some neon colors and a few regular colors so I got them all set up. (I should have taken a picture but I was just trying to get the cupcakes made!)

I didn’t even end up putting frosting on them (and I still ate like four of them!) but they would be great with frosting! Can you imagine them being all covered in frosting and no one knowing they were crazy colored underneath until they unwrapped them and took a bite. How fun would that be?! I think I will make some fun colored cakes/cupcakes again. It took a few more minutes than making regular cupcakes but honestly the coloring of the batter and pouring different colors into the cups was worth it. I think they are so fun!

Rainbow Cupcakes!

Rainbow Cupcakes!


One Response to Rainbow Cupcakes!

  1. amypaul says:

    Two of our three are gone! They were good!

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