Baby Update

39 weeks, 1 day

39 weeks, 1 day

We went to the doctor yesterday for our weekly checkup since Little Monkette has still decided not to show up. I’m not sure what she is waiting on…but we’ll just be waiting. The doctor was surprised I was still pregnant and said that we need to get me delivered. I was very hopeful that this meant we could go to the hospital and induce or something! No such luck. She said if I was at a 5 or 6 then she would go ahead and send me and we’d work on getting her out. Sadly I was only 4cm dilated. She also said that the baby is still kinda far back. She stripped my membranes and said that she stretched me to about 5cm. She suggested we head to a local lake and spend time walking around the lake and then when the contractions kicked in head over to the hospital. That seemed promising that we might actually go into labor last night.

Since I am writing this, you might realize that that did not happen. The internal and stripping of the membranes was quite painful and I did have some contractions on the ride home. We ran a couple errands and then came home to walk around the block. I think we wore Roland out. He went on all the walks with me but the boys only went on some of them. I would like to see how far we actually walked yesterday. While walking, I was having contractions about ten minutes apart. Whenever I was sitting and resting though they were about 15 minutes apart. I played soccer with Little Monkey, walked around the backyard with Roland, walked up and down the steps of our deck and went on more walks. Eventually though the contractions pretty much quit. I slept pretty well last night too. Today we will walk around some more. I’m glad for the cooler weather because otherwise I don’t think we could make it walking around during the middle of the day!


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