A Visit From the Police

Yesterday we were hanging out at the house when a Sheriff’s car pulled up in front of our house. Now this isn’t entirely unusual because since Big Monkey used to work for the city, we do know some of the police officers in our town and sometimes they come by to say hi or hang out for a few minutes. The problem was we did not know this officer.

We had the entire house open, windows and doors, enjoying the nice weather. The officer came to the door and asked if everything was okay. Big Monkey and Little Monkey both went to the door to see what was going on. She said that they had received a 911 call from our address. We had not called 911 and everything was fine. Big Monkey let her know that everything was fine and we would check our phones. We do not have a land line at our house, so I was a little surprised that they were able to figure out where the call came from as quickly as they did. The officer was satisfied that all was well and went on her way.

Things then started to come together. Earlier Little Monkey had been playing on the back porch with Roland. He heard Big Monkey’s phone ringing in the other room and went to get it for him. Apparently with Big Monkey’s phone, when it is locked you can unlock it or make an emergency call. When Little Monkey went to get the phone and bring it out, it appears that he may have pushed some buttons and made the emergency call. A few minutes after bringing the phone to Big Monkey, he got a phone call from a number that he did not recognize. Big Monkey’s policy is generally to not answer any number that he doesn’t know. So he didn’t answer the phone…it appears that may have been the reverse 911 to make sure all was well. Since we didn’t answer, they sent an officer to the house. I am a bit impressed that without a land line they were able to get the information on where we might have been within a reasonable amount of time.

I didn’t find it to be that big of a deal, but Big Monkey was not at all amused and sat Little Monkey down to explain that is why we don’t play with the cell phones. I don’t know that Little Monkey really understood and it is not like he did it on purpose. It would be one thing if he had taken the phone and dialed the numbers 9, 1, 1, and hit send. Hopefully though we will not have this issue again.


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