How She Got Here, Part 2

We got to the hospital about 6:15pm and signed into triage. Once I had my vitals done, I walked up and down the hall until I was called back to a room. I was determined to not get sent back home. We got called back to a room and they hooked me up to the monitor to see what was going on. Generally the nurse would also check you to see how far you are dilated, but since I told her that my doctor wanted to do that personally, she figured that there was no need to do it twice. Thank you! We waited for the doctor to arrive and continued to watch the monitor. I was having quite the amount of contractions, about four minutes apart and some of them were really good. I couldn’t even hardly feel them though! I felt my stomach get hard and sometimes a little bit of pressure but for the most part I wasn’t feeling them! The doctor came in and was surprised to see how fast the contractions were and the fact that I wasn’t hardly feeling them. She checked me and I was between 5-6cm dilated. Hooray! This meant we’d get to stay and have a baby!

Big Monkey went out to the car to get our stuff since we’d be staying. He barely made it back before I was leaving triage and headed to labor and delivery. We got up to our labor and delivery room around 10pm. They decided to start me on some pitocin because I wasn’t progressing at all, even with all the contractions. After being on the pitocin for a bit, Little Monkette’s heart rate had appeared to drop some. They called the doctor up who turned the pitocin off for a little while. They checked me again a bit later and I was 7cm dilated. They had turned the pitocin back up some (but never very high at all). The nurse told me to let her know if I started feeling a lot of pressure and then she would check me again to see how things were progressing. We spent most of the time resting, watching television and being online. (Thank goodness for free wi-fi in the hospital. I think that is one thing that helped keep us a little bit sane while we were there!)


One Response to How She Got Here, Part 2

  1. amypaul says:

    whatever happened to those in room spa services?? 🙂

    Kati Here: I didn’t look into them…so I don’t know what the charge was for them. 🙂 Oh well!

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