It’s Over

The wedding festivities are finally over and we are back home. We had something everyday starting on Thursday. Everything went well and the ceremony and reception were very nice. I think it all turned out rather well. I did what I could and tried not to push myself too far.

Sunday morning we got up and Big Monkey took me to the house where all the girls were getting ready for the wedding. They were already in the process of hair and makeup and had some breakfast. When it was my turn for my hair, they asked me what I wanted done. I had planned on a half up/half down hairdo. Everyone else was planning to have their hair all up. The hair stylist had an idea and ran it past Aunt K, who approved it and we got started. The matron of honor helped make some hair accessories for everyone. My hair was pulled back some and straightened. I really liked how my hair turned out. We put a headband type ribbon in my hair and added a fun flower pin. Sadly, I don’t appear to have a picture of it. After my hair was done, I got my make up done. I had never had airbrushed make up, so it was interesting. It was cool though and it looked great after it was done. Once we were all just about ready, we packed up our stuff and headed over to the events center to get dressed and have pictures done.

The Beautiful Bride!

The Beautiful Bride!

Since we had a lot going on, it was easy to keep my mind focused on the wedding and getting everything ready to go. Amy and Little Monkey were at the events center when we arrived and we got dressed. Little Monkey was a stud in his tux. We were able to take some of the pictures before the wedding. Then the wedding started. Little Monkey did a great job walking down the aisle. The ceremony went well, no one passed out or tripped over themselves. After the ceremony, we went outside and took more pictures with both the bride and groom. I can’t wait to see some of the photos. Once they were done with Little Monkey’s portion of the photos, Amy and my parents took him and snapped some cute pictures of him. While we were taking pictures, the guests were eating and mingling around the building. It was a great location for the wedding. We took Little Monkette around to meet some people, she slept the whole time!

Our Little Stud

Our Little Stud

After the reception started inside, Little Monkey and Little Monkette headed home with my Mom, Dad, and Amy. We of course stayed for the reception, danced a little bit, toasted the bride and groom and had cake. We also blew bubbles to see off the bride and groom and then got to work on changing clothes and helping to clean up. Once everything was done, we headed back to the hotel so that Big Monkey could change clothes and then we headed out to dinner with the family at Dexter’s. Eventually we ended up back at our hotel, watched the football game and then went to bed. (Well Big Monkey fell asleep during the football game and slept a good portion of the night on the couch because I couldn’t get him awake or moved!)

The Family

The Family


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