A Camping Weekend

This past weekend, Big Monkey, Little Monkey, GrandMom and I went camping. We went to a park that is about 30 minutes from our house. Once again, not a big trip but good to get away and get our feet wet with the use of the camper some more. We headed out around lunchtime on Friday and got set up for the weekend. Little Monkey and GrandMom went “fishing” while Big Monkey and I hung out around the campfire. It started to rain and I was tired anyhow, so I went for a nap. Once I woke up I learned that Big Monkey and GrandMom had been discussing moving the location of the camper and they were considering doing it with me inside! Thankfully they didn’t but once I was up, they did move it (without breaking everything down). I would not recommend this method even though it did work.

Little Monkey enjoying an Oreo in his camping chair.

We knew another group was also camping there the same weekend, although they were all in tents! 🙂 We hung out with them some and played volleyball and hung out around the campfire making smores and talking. Little Monkey had a great time with one of the kids that was there with them too. Big Monkey and I played Scrabble Express each night (and I won every time!). We also played Battleship one day by the fire. I was sure he would win but we both won one game each.

Bacon cooking for breakfast! Yum!

Overall it was a good weekend and mostly relaxing. While we were out camping, Roland was staying with some family members and Little Monkette was with her Grammie, Pops and Mimi at the beach. Currently our next camping trip is scheduled for April and EVERYONE will be going for the first time (Me, Big Monkey, Little Monkey, Little Monkette and Roland!). It should be interesting. Big Monkey would love to take another trip before that one if we can and we are looking at February for a possible trip with Big Monkey’s family. Of course they will have to sleep in tents!

Little Monkette sporting her Halloween outfit at the beach house.


One Response to A Camping Weekend

  1. Holly says:

    I think that girl is starting to look like Mommy.
    Camping looked fun, that bacon made me hungry!
    Glad you guys had a nice time.

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