Facebook As A Blessing

Many times you hear news stories about social networking sites that are negative but there can be some positive experiences with these sites too.

Here is a news story that is a positive experience…well eventually. The gentleman was charged with robbery but was able to prove where he was because of posting a new status update on Facebook. How crazy is that!

My story regarding Facebook is not as crazy as that guy’s story but it still is a good story. (At least I think so.) The other day we had been working on some things in our garage. I came in the house for a few minutes and checked my phone. I have Facebook set up to send status updates to my phone for my family members and a couple of friends. There was a status update from a friend saying how excited she was that she had found her son a fire truck bed on Craigslist for $35. Now, this is a pretty good deal, but we had Little Monkey’s old fire truck bed in our attic, collecting dust. (It had been purchased for us by friends at a yard sale and we were holding onto it for them to use for their kids. Of course their first child is a little girl and they don’t plan to use it for her, just like we do not plan to use it for Little Monkette. They okayed us giving it away to our friends. These friends happen to live about 6 houses away from each other too! Oh and there is only about $3 invested in the bed. They got it at a yard sale for $18.xx with a crib mattress. We sold the crib mattress on Craigslist for $15.) We called up our friend and told her not to buy the bed. We explained it all to her and she called the guy back and told him that she was not going to buy it. Big Monkey got the fire truck bed out of the attic and loaded into the truck. Little Monkey and I headed over to their house to deliver and set up the bed.


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Luckily her son loved the bed and even did great in it the first night. Thanks to Facebook, we saved our friend $35, got extra space in our garage and she gave us a baby monitor in exchange for the bed. (We were needing one for Little Monkette and didn’t really want to spend the money since we figured someone had to have one around that they weren’t using. I had posted on Freecycle but did not get any responses. Apparently I should have posted on Facebook because our friend had 3 and was very willing to give us one.) Even better, the system has two receivers and can operate on batteries if we need it to. This way we can have one plugged in by my bed and we can use the other if we go play in the backyard or out front while Little Monkette is napping.


I am happy that we were able to help out a friend and in return they also were able to help us out. If you ever are in need of something, I would suggest posting on your Facebook status and seeing if any of your friends might have what you need. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. I didn’t even know that my friend was looking for a fire truck or car bed, just as she didn’t know we needed a baby monitor. It worked out for everyone!


One Response to Facebook As A Blessing

  1. Dad says:

    I really didn’t think about it, but I sold a car by posting I had one for sale on Facebook.

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