Big Buzz

Ever since Little Monkey first watched Toy Story, I think he has been addicted to it. He watched it ALL the time. He got a Buzz from Mimi and also a Woody from one of Mimi’s friends. He plays with them both all the time. One day we went to a friend’s house for a little bit and on the way home he started talking to me about “Big Buzz.” I’m not sure where he got the idea from because they don’t have any Toy Story toys at their house. I thought at first he was talking about a “Big Bus,” which made no sense to me.

We were driving and he said this: “Mommy, we need to go to Target to get a Big Buzz (I was thinking Big Bus) because the one I have at home is too small.” He has a school bus but he hardly plays with it so I didn’t understand why on earth he would need a BIG one. I told him that we were going home but we could look at Target another day. Usually stuff like this is talked about once or twice and then it is over with. He has talked about it EVERY day…multiple times a day since then and we are almost going on two weeks. When I finally figured out that he was talking about Buzz and not a Bus, it made a little more sense. I still haven’t figured out how he decided that the Buzz he had just wasn’t good enough and that he needed a BIG Buzz.

He talked about Big Buzz some more and I told him that maybe he could ask for Big Buzz for Christmas. He had to tell Big Monkey about it, who also agreed, maybe for Christmas. Mimi came over one day and Little Monkey told her about Big Buzz too. She suggested that he ask Grammy and Pops for him for Christmas. So he called up Pops, while he was at work, and told him about Big Buzz and asked for him. Pops said that they would have to see about it. We saw Big Buzz at Target and he was so excited. Before going to look at Big Buzz, I told him that we would look but that we wouldn’t be able to take him home. He was okay with that and he was fine when we left Buzz on the shelf. I still think I have heard about Big Buzz everyday. We even saw a Bigger Buzz at Walmart. It was really cool; it came with a remote and you could program him. Of course on clearance he was still $75! Little Monkey let me know that he was not interested in Bigger Buzz, just Big Buzz. (Thank goodness!) Little Monkey told Grammy about Big Buzz and she let him know that maybe he could get one for Christmas. And from the sounds of it, Big Buzz is already waiting at Grammy and Pops’ house to meet Little Monkey at Christmas.

The other night I had to run up to CVS to get some medicine for Little Monkette because we didn’t have any. I took Little Monkey along for the ride. When we got out of the car, he says, “Look Mom, it’s Christmas time!” I assured him that it was almost Christmas time and that the store just already had its lights and decorations up. He said, “Yes, it’s almost Christmas time and then I will get Big Buzz!” I told him that maybe he would get Big Buzz. I asked him what would happen if he didn’t get Big Buzz for Christmas. He didn’t have an answer.


One Response to Big Buzz

  1. Emily says:

    too cute! love it! 🙂

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