New Products!

Recently Two Florida Girls have added some new products to our shop! We are trying to add products for Little Florida Girls and that is what we have been working on.

We now make hair clips for the little girls in your life. We have simple, cute clips and also more fun artsy clips. Check out the shop for other varieties too!

Cute Clips

Fun Christmas Tree!

We also started making custom bean bags. I made a set for Little Monkey and Little Monkette and then we decided to added them to the shop. You can pick the fabrics and whatever letters or numbers you want on them.

Bean Bags!

Check things out…you might find a great gift for a little person in your life! Don’t forget, Christmas is coming up!! Your little guy would look stylish in a Little Guy Tie!

Little Monkey modeling the Little Guy Tie


One Response to New Products!

  1. Sara says:

    the “little guy tie” is such a cute idea… i always feel like ties on “little guys” are like choke collars on dogs… not very much fun for them. *grin-shrug* problem solved, here!

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