Happy Thanksgiving!

It is that time again…Thanksgiving! Time for the parade, turkey, football, family and being thankful.

We plan to go over to Pops and Grammy’s house for the day and have many other family members coming over too. Big Monkey says he wants to watch football…the Packers play EVERY Thanksgiving…and of course the game is going to fall right in the middle of our meal. He claims the tv will be on. I told him good luck with that and said he might be able to get away with it if he turns the sound off. We’ll see what happens with that!

We hope that your families also have a great Thanksgiving and remember what you are thankful for.

I am thankful for:
a great husband
an awesome family
our health (even though we have been sick this week, generally we are very healthy and at least we have access to medicine to help us get better)
my husband having a job when so many people do not
our house when many have been foreclosed
our cars for not giving us too much trouble

I could continue on and on…but these are some of the major things. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving.


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