Black Friday

So Black Friday was not overly thrilling at our house. We did not get up and going to the stores at 3am, instead we let the kids wake us up around 7am and then slowly got everyone fed and dressed and moving. Little Monkey spent the morning hanging out with Pops and Little Monkette went with GrandMom back to our house with Big Monkey. Mom, Amy and I headed out to hit up a few stores just to see what we would find. We didn’t really think we were after much of anything (Amy was looking for some shirts) but we found out that we really were looking for something!

Our first stop was to Walmart for the shirts that Amy was looking for. Sadly we could not even find ONE of them (and she needed 5). We certainly did not think hitting up Walmart around 9 or 10 would be a problem for $3 tshirts and $3 pjs but it was. Surprisingly they still had some big deals if you wanted them. We did pick up Yes Man on dvd and Two Florida Girls invested in a Cricut Expression machine! Look for fun new items coming to the shop once we get it all figured out! We were surprised to even see that they still had some because it was a great deal so we stood around discussing it…and decided that we would get it. We had enough money in our business paypal account to cover it. 🙂 We are excited to experiment with it and see what we can do!

After Walmart, we headed over to Bealls to check out what they had. I needed to get some jeans because I have still been wearing maternity clothes and they really are too big but all of my old clothes are still too small. I ended up picking up two pairs of jeans on sale. I also was able to get Big Monkey a pair of jeans on sale. And I picked out one of my Christmas presents from my mom and dad. (New tennis shoes for walking/running and training/running the 5K in March.) Mom found a few things for Little Monkey and Little Monkette too. Oh and for Pops too-he got new shoes.

We then decided to go over to Joanns and check out a few things. Joanns was CRAZY. I think it may have been worse than Walmart even. We started by getting a number for the cutting counter. They were on number 78 (I think) and we were number 12! We went around and found the items we wanted to get and a few numbers before 12 we sent Mom to the checkout line to get in line. This was the best idea because by the time we were done at the cutting counter Mom was only about four people back from the front of the line! And the line moved along very well.

We were all getting hungry at this point so we headed over to Panera for some lunch. We finished up by going to Old Navy and managed to find a couple of things there too. While Mom was in line, Amy and I headed over to Marshalls and DSW but found nothing. Finally we made one stop at the post office to mail some orders from Two Florida Girls. We went home, packed up to head to the beach! We stopped to fill up the tire on the car because it seemed rather low (and was) and come to find out it has a nail in it! One last drive through stop on the way to the beach to get the car cleaned up. I don’t recall the last time that I rode through a drive through car wash. Here is a photo for you to see what it is like…in case you haven’t been in a drive through car wash in a while! 🙂


One Response to Black Friday

  1. Cheryl says:

    I am SO excited that you got a Cricut machine. I absolutely love mine. Can’t wait to see what you girls make with it!

    Just read your comment – thank you so much. And thank you also for hearting my shop (Amy told me that you had beaten her to the punch). 🙂

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