PKU Zoo Day

Over the weekend we went to Jacksonville for a PKU get together at the Jacksonville Zoo. Amazingly, even though I went to college in Jacksonville, this was the first time I have been back to the city at all since graduation day! Grammy and Pops came with Little Monkey and I. It was a nice day out and we had a nice time. We tried some new pku foods and formulas. We also talked to some other families,  the dietitian from Jacksonville and a representative from Nutricia.

Amazingly Little Monkey was willing to try some formulas, but only if the rest of us tried them too. I tried very hard not to make a bad face after drinking the formulas because there were other PKU kids at our table. Thankfully one girl told me she didn’t like the kind I tried either, so I didn’t feel so bad about it. They even had a pinata for the kids, filled with candy that they are allowed to have. Little Monkey liked trying to hit the pinata.

Pops and Little Monkey doing "cheers"

After everything was done, they gave us grocery bags and told us to fill them up. The Nutricia representative had brought a TON of food to give away. This is probably what really made the whole trip worthwhile. We ended up with all of this food to bring home free. I totaled it up when we got home and it would have cost over $150! It kind of looks like a decent amount for $150 until you realize that most of it is pasta, rice and cake mix. (Stuff that would cost you and me about $1 a box!) I am very excited about the advent calendar. Little Monkey has never had one and I had considered special ordering one for him this year, but they are just very expensive. Some families got way more than we did, but I did not want to take too much because I know Little Monkey doesn’t eat that much right now and there were families with older kids who probably go through quite a bit of food.

Lots of PKU foods to try!

A BIG thanks to Nutricia for helping support this event and providing us with all this great food to try for free! There is more to tell (and show) from our day at the zoo, but it will have to wait for another post.


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