Training For A 5K!

December 31, 2009

In October, my sister ran the Tower of Terror 5K. After she completed that race, there was some discussion about doing the next Disney 5K, which happens to be the Royal Family 5K in March. I must have been crazy but I was thinking it would be a good idea for me to participate. It would be an incentive to get back in shape (not that I was really “in shape” before). I don’t run. I hardly exercise. I’m not sure how I thought running a 5K would be a great idea. And yet here we are, I am training for the Disney Royal Family 5K.

The Royal Family 5K is happening in March and the run goes through part of Epcot. Right now I don’t think I could run 3.1 miles even if I tried. I’m not too worried about finishing though. You only have to keep pace of at least a 16 minute mile. I have discovered that I can WALK a 16 minute mile. I would like to do better than that though. So for now I am working on training for the 5K, hoping that I will be able to run most of it by then. I am working on a training schedule that Amy sent me. Today will be day four. I think I will take it as a day of rest. I think my biggest worry about the 5K (and part of the training process) is whether or not my body can really handle it. I get overheated very easily, so I am a little afraid I won’t be able to make it through the whole thing. (Tuesday night I did a five minute warm up walk, ten minutes of running and then five minutes of cool down walk. I don’t even know how I kept running but I did. By the time I was home and for quite a while after I was covered in spots and bumpy rash. This has been a lifelong issue, so I’m wondering how it will work to actually do the 5K.) I am already signed up and will have a race bib with my name on it so we’re definitely doing this.  This was actually part of my Christmas presents from my parents. They are paying my entry fee to the race and they bought me new running shoes. Amy bought me some new workout clothes to wear for my training and running too. So far a few of our friends have also signed up to participate so I am excited that we will have others there that we know.

Graffiti Artist

December 30, 2009

Little Monkey decided to draw on his walls yesterday with a blue marker. We were not aware that he was up to this (he had been in his room playing on his computer and with his cars).

Some of the graffiti

Big Monkey had been on the phone and was having a hard time hearing the other person. I’m not sure if that was because we were being too loud or if the other person had a lot of background noise too. In order to get a little more quiet, Big Monkey went into Little Monkey’s room and shut the door. While he was in there, he noticed that Little Monkey had done a little bit of redecorating of his wall and the back of his door. Once he was done with his phone call, he called Little Monkey in and asked him about the artwork.

Little Monkey owned up to the drawings and Big Monkey gave him a stern lecture about the fact that we only color on paper and not on the walls. Little Monkey agreed to not color on walls anymore and we all went outside to play. (We were waiting for Big Monkey to get off the phone so we could play outside.) While we were playing, Big Monkey and I decided we should document this event with a picture. Big Monkey came up with the idea to make a sign like a person holds in booking photos so I put his name on a piece of cardboard and gave him an inmate number. Once we were all cold enough we headed back in the house. Big Monkey and Little Monkey went to his room to put away his jacket and shoes. I got the camera and the booking sign and headed in too. And that is when Big Monkey saw it. More coloring on the walls! So we had a little talk again about coloring on the walls (This new art was done previously; we just hadn’t seen it yet.). We asked Little Monkey if there was anywhere else that he colored with the marker that he wasn’t supposed to. Sure enough he owned up to even more drawings!  He has also drawn on a few of his toy bins. We took his picture with his sign and once again had a conversation about what we are allowed to color on.

He looks so innocent doesn't he?

Once we had gotten through the third conversation about what we are allowed to color on, I headed out to the garage to get the Magic Eraser. I was hoping that the Magic Eraser would come through for us. Little Monkey and I headed back into his room to try to remove the graffiti from his wall. I showed him how the Magic Eraser worked and off he went. He did a great job and we were able to remove all the marker from his walls, door, bookcase and toy bins. I asked him again if there was anywhere else that we needed to clean from his coloring but he said that was all of it. Hopefully he is right. And hopefully this will be the first and last time that he draws on things other than paper.

Performing his community service.

Are You Going To Vote?

December 29, 2009

The other day I posted a poll, but so far only three people have voted. Really. Now I know more than three people read my blog…so where are you folks and why aren’t you voting. Heck if only three people voted that could be my mom, dad and sister. I know that I have a few friends who read, as well as some of my sister’s friends. So come on people. I’m trying to have a giveaway but if you don’t vote I won’t know what to give away! 🙂

New Television

December 28, 2009

Recently we had the color part of our projector go out. We really don’t know the how or why but it is costly to get a new bulb. And since this is the second bulb already we decided that we should just get a new tv instead. (The first bulb was the one it came with, the second bulb was given to us under warranty.)

Thankfully my Dad has already done all the research on flat screen tvs, so I just emailed him and had him share his wealth of knowledge. (I figure there is not a lot of reason to do the work yourself when you have someone you trust who has already done it.) My Dad happily (well I’m kinda assuming it was happily) sent over a very long email detailing everything he knew about flat screen tvs. I came home from church and looked through the ads as well as looked online for televisions to compare. I called my Dad and he said the Sony that was on sale at Best Buy looked like a pretty good deal. It was in our list of possibilities. I know a lot of people think you pay more for specific brands (and yes you do) but once we had all the possibilities that we were okay with, the Sony was right at the same price as the others since it was on sale. We even found the exact same Sony tv on sale at HH Gregg for roughly $20 cheaper. We don’t have an HH Gregg or Best Buy here, but we packed up and headed to the closest Best Buy to see some tvs in person.

Looking at the tvs all next to each other is a bit overwhelming. They way they are set up you will see one that really does appear to be so much better than the one next to it but of course it costs an extra $1000. We tried to get some help but it wasn’t happening. Finally Big Monkey tracked down an employee who did help us out some. She didn’t work in the television department though but she did give us some information that we wanted. Then we headed over to the tv desk to see if we could manage to actually purchase the tv we decided on. There were three employees and they were all busy. We waited and waited. We were acknowledged and asked what they could help us with. We told them that we would like to buy a tv. They said they would be with us shortly. Little Monkey was growing restless. A guy finally came to us and said he was going to go find someone who could help us. Okay great. The clock was still ticking for quite a while. Finally a guy came to us and Big Monkey showed him the tv we wanted and asked him a few more questions just to be sure. All was well and we decided to get the tv. Big Monkey even mentioned that HH Gregg had the same tv for about $20 cheaper to see if they would give us that price. The salesman said that he would look it up and give it to us if that was the case. (It was actually more like $22.xx but hey I’ll take the $20 if we can get it so that we don’t have to drive anywhere else.)

While waiting for the tv to appear, we headed over to the home theater department where Monster’s Inc was in the Blu-Ray player. We couldn’t get the movie to start though and asked someone if they could start it to occupy Little Monkey. They did manage to figure it out and there we sat on the end of our little shopping cart waiting for the tv. Big Monkey had me go check to make sure that the employee took the right tag for the tv we wanted. He did so all seemed well. Up rolled the tv and off we went to the counter. Big Monkey decided to get the Best Buy credit card to give us 18 months interest free payments even though the tv will likely be paid off in the next month or two. (Most of the money is coming out of the cash/checks that we were given for Christmas. The rest, hopefully, will come from getting some more items sold on Craigslist.) While he was taking care of that, I took Little Monkey over to Joann’s to return something and look around. Finally Big Monkey called and said that he was in the truck with Little Monkette and the tv waiting for us.

Little Monkey and I checked out at Joanns and headed out to find Big Monkey in the truck. We got to the truck and Big Monkey was very excited about his purchase and handed me the receipt to look at. He wanted to show me that for some reason they gave him an additional $50 off and the $20 off to match (close) HH Gregg’s price. The only problem I saw, they sold him the WRONG tv! You have GOT to be kidding me. Here we are with two little ones who are definitely ready to be headed back home and we have the wrong tv in the back of our truck. LOVELY.

So we drive BACK over to Best Buy. I am VERY glad that Big Monkey had me look at the receipt before we got too far down the road. Big Monkey went in and explained the situation. Someone came out with him to bring the wrong tv back in the store. Thankfully they still had the tv we really were wanting to buy. Now we owed $50 extra dollars because they sold us a cheaper tv (Big Monkey just thought they were giving him a discount.). While he was in there I got Little Monkette changed and debated about feeding her but then saw Big Monkey coming out with the tv. I checked the new receipt to make sure all was well. We headed back towards home. Little Monkette was screaming and I was hoping she would fall asleep, but no such luck. I crawled back to the center seat in the truck (I actually fit better in the center seat in the truck with two car seats than in my center seat with two car seats.) and fed her a bottle until she did fall asleep.

When we got home, Big Monkey HAD to set up the tv right away. So the process the began to get things figured out for how and where everything would go. Once the tv was in place, we decided to rearrange the furniture. Oh man, who’s idea was this anyway! We got the furniture moved and the floor cleaned. After we thought we had it set, I decided I wasn’t really sure I liked it. We tried one more little move and viola! we have a new living room arrangement that I think we will be able to live with. (At least we will be leaving it for a bit to test it out.) The new tv is nice and I think we are both happy with our purchase.

The New TV

The Day After Christmas-

December 26, 2009

The day after Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring. I think they call it cabin fever except that we actually did get out yesterday. It is just that it has been a crazy few days and I think I am ready for things to return to “normal” again-whatever that might be.

Thursday we had Christmas lunch at my parents, followed by Christmas Eve service and then back home to open presents. After everything was opened and even a few things played with, we packed up our gifts and Little Monkey’s stuff and headed back to our house. Big Monkey had to go into work on Christmas Eve. This was his own choice, partly, because they had called offering overtime. If no one picks up the overtime, then they will mandatory someone in. (And yes that could be someone who already said they didn’t want to work the shift.) Big Monkey was scheduled to work on Christmas Day already.

We had planned that I would stay home with the kids most of the day but that we would come up for part of the afternoon and dinner. Apparently Roland did not get the memo that if you open your presents before Christmas morning, you are allowed to sleep in. He was the first one up at 6:45am (Yes I’m sure I shouldn’t complain about this because some of you probably had your kids wake you up way earlier to open gifts!). I took him outside and got his breakfast. Not much longer after that and Little Monkey was up. We got to hang out, just the two of us for a bit before Little Monkette decided it was time to get up too. Most of the day we just hung out and played with some of the new toys we all got for Christmas.

Little Monkey was excited to play with his Big Buzz and we also raced his spaceship and RC remote control vehicles around the living room. When it was a bit warmer (which was still cold) we put on our jackets and went out to ride his new bike. We also put together his new soccer goal that Mimi got him. In the afternoon, we headed over to the fire station to see Big Monkey. The station he is at right now is pretty small, in fact I do believe it is smaller than our house. There is only one other guy on duty there with him. We hung out, had some sloppy joes for dinner (doesn’t that just SCREAM Christmas?!), watched some tv, checked the out the fire truck (actually it is an attack truck so it doesn’t really look anything like a fire engine) and kicked around the soccer ball. Then the kids and I headed back home to hang out until Grandpa came over. He got to our house just after Little Monkey’s bedtime but I had let him stay up so he could see him. After a short time, I put Little Monkey to bed and after Little Monkette ate again, the rest of us headed off to bed.

Today I am tired. Big Monkey and Grandpa went to go play golf this afternoon so the kids and I are just hanging out. I wish we could take a nap but it doesn’t seem like Little Monkey will be doing that. We are having “rest” time right now though, so I should go and try to rest while he does and Roland and Little Monkette are both asleep. 🙂

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas to your family from ours (All the Monkeys). We hope that you will take time today to remember who Christmas is all about. I am hoping for a rather relaxing day. Big Monkey has to work at the fire department (and has actually been there since last night) so we plan to go visit him for part of the afternoon. Other than that, we don’t really have any plans. I’m sure Little Monkey will want to ride his new bike and play with his new Big Buzz. Also Big Monkey’s Dad will come over later in the evening to stay the night. He and Big Monkey are going golfing tomorrow.

A Quick Gift

December 24, 2009

I saw this idea over at Homebody as part of her series on Thrifty gifts. As soon as I saw it I was trying to figure out who I could make it for. I was thinking it would make a great Christmas gift but really couldn’t find a perfect fit of who to give one to. Then my sister came up with this great gift idea for our mom (I’ll link to it once she posts it.). Since she was including some recipe cards, I decided that I would make one for my mom.

I didn’t do everything the same way as the one in the example above but pretty close. I had a frame on hand that we weren’t using so I started with that. It is a 5×7 and I think an 8×10 would be better but I just used what I had. I picked up some forks at the dollar store (2 forks for a dollar) and grabbed some scrapbook paper from Micheals (on sale for 20cents!). I bought a couple different types of paper because I wasn’t sure which I would really like the best in the frame. In the middle of trying to make cookies and finish getting things ready for Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, I got this put together.

My version

I trimmed the scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame. I took the fork out to the tool bench and bent the tines. I could only get them to a 90 degree angle, so Big Monkey helped get the two outside tines up just a bit more. Then I hot glued the fork in place on the frame. You can now use it for recipe cards or as a picture holder.

When my mom opened it at Christmas, she looked very confused. I laughed and explained what it was for and how I made it to go with the gift that Amy made her. It was a simple gift that did not cost too much. I think it would be great for a bridal shower or housewarming with some recipe cards as a gift. If I do make another one, I plan to use a larger frame so that the fork does fit fully inside the frame.