PKU Zoo Day Part 2

After we collected all our foods and got them loaded in the car, we headed into the zoo to check out the animals. Little Monkey was VERY excited about the train and wanted to ride it. We told him that maybe he and Pops could ride it later on after we checked out all the animals. This worked for a while but he did keep asking to ride it.

One of our first stops was to see the giraffes. They were quite large but very sweet. You could even feed the giraffes if you wanted to. Grammy decided that Little Monkey wanted to, so Pops paid our fee and we waited to feed the giraffe. I really wanted to touch the giraffe but the sign said that was not allowed because the giraffes don’t like it. I wonder if the giraffes really don’t like it or if it is more that the zoo doesn’t want everyone touching them or worrying about the giraffe biting a person.

Little Monkey feeding the giraffe

We continued on and took some fun pictures with the elephant sculptures. Little Monkey was a good sport and took quite a few pictures for us. This was my favorite picture from the elephants.

Little Monkey hangs from the elephant's tail.

We continued on and checked out some other animals, snakes, turtles, frogs, etc. We went in to see the birds and you could buy a cup of nectar to feed them. Grammy got us a cup and we tried to get a bird to come to us. Most of the birds we found were either already eating or sleeping. We finally found one to come and eat. He almost grabbed the whole cup from me but I held on tight. Grammy gave the cup to Little Monkey to get a bird closer to him and it worked. The only problem was that the bird did manage to grab the cup away from Little Monkey and spill all the nectar. Little Monkey still wanted to get a bird close to him, so I kept trying, even with my empty cup. I finally managed to get a bird onto Little Monkey’s arm. He was very excited about it.

Little Monkey and the bird

Overall it was a nice day and I think Little Monkey had a good time. It was nice to try some pku foods and get to take home quite a bit of pku foods for free. That night Little Monkey even had some pku animal pasta!


2 Responses to PKU Zoo Day Part 2

  1. Jenny says:

    Just dropped in from your sister’s blog. Are you a Jacksonville girl? I recognize the zoo! 🙂 Cute pictures! I love Little Monkey hanging from the elephant tail – and the giraffes are our absolute favorite!!

  2. amanda says:

    Dropping by from your sis’ blog. That sure is one cute little monkey! The elephant tail picture cracks me up!

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