Special Orders

Yesterday I spent the day working hard trying to get some special orders done for our Etsy shop. I was moving along at a great pace and feeling good about all I was getting done. I had three items to make from orders that were placed during our Handmade Holiday Open House.

I had one order for a special monkey tie and a matching monkey bean bag. This is the tie for that order.

Monkey Tie

I also had a special order for a Florida Gators tie. (We did have some Gator ties before but they sold out.)

Gator Tie!

One  of our regular international customers had made a request for another special Lilly Hula Monkey Gadget Cozy. Thankfully we still had some fabric and we were able to make her another one. I love how it turned out. The fabric landed in a great place to include the monkey on the top and a monkey on the back.

Hula Monkey Gadget Cozy

And finally we had a special order for a set of bean bags with the numbers one through five. I was doing so well getting things done that I totally skipped a step in making the bean bags (stitching around the numbers-which helps keep the ironed on numbers in place for added security). This was NOT good news. I realized that I skipped the step just after sewing ALL the bean bags through the next step. This meant I was going to have to rip out most of the work that I had just done. If you know anything about sewing, you know that it takes a LOT longer to rip out the wrong work than it did to do the work in the first place. Big Bummer. I finally got all the seams that I needed to rip out done and was able to go back and fix my error. I think the bean bags came out great. The fabric choices look fun together. Hope the recipient likes them too.

Bean Bag Special Order

If you are interested in anything you see above, please visit our shop to find out more information. We are still taking special orders for a bit longer this year for Christmas gifts.


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