Reindeer Ornaments

Last year Little Monkey and I worked on a few Christmas ornaments that he gave as presents to our family members. He had a good time and they turned out cute. You can check out the snowmen here and the Christmas trees here. This year I decided that we would just do one ornament and I found a cute reindeer idea online. I took Little Monkey to the store to get the supplies that we did not have.

To make the reindeer ornaments, you will need the following:
popsicle sticks (We used mini sized ones-Little Monkey’s choice)
Brown paint and paintbrush
Buttons (Or pom poms)
Googly eyes
Hot glue gun and glue

After going shopping, Little Monkey and I set up for some painting. (I suppose you do not need to paint the popsicle sticks if you do not want to but I wanted them brown. And Little Monkey likes to paint.) The first day was just shopping and painting. Then we let everything dry.

Painting the popsicle sticks

The next day we did each step in sections. The first step was to group three popsicle sticks together. Then I would put a drop of glue down for Little Monkey and he would put the next popsicle stick where it went. We did this with all of the ornaments and then let them sit to dry again.

Forming the reindeer heads

Once the reindeer heads had been given a little bit of time to dry, we went back in to add the noses and eyes. I would put a dot of glue down for Little Monkey and he would add the button nose. Then I would put down the dots of glue for the eyes and he would add those too. Then we let them sit to dry again.

Putting on the noses and eyes

Once everything was dry, I went back in and used the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon hangers to the reindeer. I also put his name and year on the back with a sharpie.  Little Monkey was so proud of them and wanted to put all of them on our tree. I told him that only one ornament was for our tree and that we will pass out the rest of them as we see our family members over the next few weeks.

So proud of his finished ornaments!


5 Responses to Reindeer Ornaments

  1. Joe O. says:

    When I saw the title I was imagining the old clothes pin reindeers I’ve made a million times! Those are different and cute!

  2. amypaul says:

    I can’t even handle his cute proud smile. I LOVE THAT BOY!

  3. Gina says:

    What a cute and easy ornament–and an adorable boy!

  4. […] Good grief, I love that kid! If you want to know about the reindeer ornaments, check them out over on Kati’s blog. […]

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