A Bit Much

I do NOT like being solicited for pretty much anything (with the exception of girl scout cookies). This past week I had the somewhat unpleasant experience of being solicited by mail. Now, you might think that this is just not a big deal. And truthfully it generally is not. It is not like there is a person standing in front of  me begging to have me buy something or give them money. And it is not the first time I have been solicited by mail. I don’t mind being solicited by mail from companies that I have previously donated to. I’m sure they figure that if I gave once, I might be more likely to give again. The list of companies that should be soliciting me would be rather short. Now, let me tell you why this solicitation got me a little bit riled up and why it was worthy of being blogged about.

I was going through the mail and found an envelope from Orlando Health. Great I thought, here comes the bills. (I have yet to receive the bill from the hospital from when Little Monkette was born.) As you may have already guessed from the first paragraph…the paperwork inside the envelope was not the hospital bill. No, instead it was a guide to 2009 Year-End Gift Ideas from Orlando Health Foundation’s Office of Gift Planning. Seriously? I had a baby in your hospital. I will be giving you plenty of money for the services given at that time, as well as the other two bills I’m still paying off for having been in the ER at seven weeks along and for getting the Rhogam shot. I understand that the money I am sending you for all of that is money that is owed for services rendered. But what makes you think that I would then like to had over even more money, stock or real estate to you? So, needless to say, (But yes I am saying it anyhow), this really irked me. I have never donated money to this hospital as part of my charitable giving, so we do not already have such a relationship. The only reason I was even at this hospital was because it is the hospital that my OB/GYN practice uses. If I had my choice, I may have picked a different location; I may not have too, but I’m just saying.

Does having a relationship with this hospital organization, because I was a patient, automatically mean that I want to be solicited for donations for charitable giving? Did I sign that somewhere in the paperwork (I wouldn’t be surprised with everything they make you sign and how small all the writing is.). Am I being crazy to think that this seems a little out of line? I mean, I just had a baby there; I haven’t even received the bill from that or paid off the other hospital bills; and yet they think I should want to donate money to them. Please feel free to comment on this post so I can either feel like more of a crazy person or feel like I really am justified in my thinking. 🙂 Let me know what you think. I’m sure Big Monkey would say that I’m making a big deal out of nothing…and sure maybe I am. I could have just ripped up the paperwork and thrown it in the trash, which I will now do since I have written about it, but it just irked me.


2 Responses to A Bit Much

  1. Joe O. says:

    I think it is pretty lame, but I know a LOT of organizations do that. You adopt a pet from a shelter? Expect those type of donation requests. Donate to United Way because your company makes you? Yup, expect them to contact you at home asking for MORE money…

  2. Aunt Janet says:

    It is probably nothing personal, you just got on their mailing list, i.e., anybody in their database. You could probably ask to be removed, but that might open a can of worms. I agree it is annoying. I still get mail and phone calls for John, which I find highly disturbing. Can you believe, it is almost 4 years!!! Of course you can, you were pg with Little Monkey at the time.

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