Thank You Kohl’s

About two weeks ago I got a card in the mail from Kohl’s for $10 to their store. This was a great coupon too because it wasn’t $10 off a $50 purchase but instead it was $10 off ANY purchase. I am not one to turn down free money and yesterday was the last day to use the coupon. Late afternoon, I packed up Little Monkey and Little Monkette and we headed out to Kohl’s. Big Monkey had asked for some new dress socks in both black and brown so I decided that I would start there. My goal in using these types of cards is to spend just over but as close to $10 as possible (unless we are shopping for something anyhow). I found the mens’ sock section and there was a three-pack of brown dress socks on clearance for $4. After that we headed over towards the little kids section but got distracted by a lot of clearance in the women’s underwear/bra section. I managed to find a set of two bras on clearance for $6.40. Perfect! I am in need of a few more bras (especially with this “in-between” sizes state) and when added to the socks it put us just over $10. Once they totaled us up with tax and then minus our $10 coupon, we only owed 43cents! What a deal! Three pairs of dress socks and 2 bras for 43cents! The normally price of these items would have been $42 plus tax! Once again I am a happy shopper. Items we needed to get anyhow and we managed to get brand new items for 43cents!

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