I have decided to hold a contest. It is VERY easy to enter. All you have to do is comment. Comment on this post, comment on another post, comment on next week’s post (once it’s posted of course!). I am going to give away a prize (right now I’m not sure what..yes I know that doesn’t encourage you to enter….but still.) to the person who is the writer of the 1,000 comment! Yes that’s right we are on our way to 1,000 comments! I will not tell you how close we are to 1,000 comments but I will say that we are currently somewhere between 900 and 1,000 comments. So keep reading and commenting and maybe you will when something really cool. Or maybe it will be lame. No, seriously though, just comment (bloggers thrive on comments you know) on something. But don’t just put “Hi” that doesn’t count. In fact I will probably delete it. 🙂 See you with the results when we get to 1,000.


2 Responses to Contest!!!

  1. amy says:

    what a fun contest! good idea!

  2. […] great friend and AMAZING blogger, The Keeper of Monkeys, held a 1,000 comment contest and I DIDN’T have the 1,000 comment. But giving her sister and other half of the Two Florida […]

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