Egg Nog Latte

It sounded great. A cool day, some coffee with egg nog, it sounded perfect in fact. Much to my dismay though, it was not perfect, it was not great, it would be generous to even call it mediocre. I was quite disappointed. I expected greater things out of Starbucks. I would not recommend to anyone the egg nog latte. It just was not what I was expecting at all. Maybe you will like it but next time I would just get a hot chocolate and no, not the Starbucks specialty hot chocolate, just a regular old hot chocolate.

Try it if you want, but I’ve warned you-just skip the egg nog latte!


2 Responses to Egg Nog Latte

  1. Joe O. says:

    I prefer the peppermint mocha…but have enjoyed the Egg Nog Latte before. I would not recommned trying the egg nog liquor that comes in the bottle that looks like Jack. Its like what would happen if you topped a bottle of jack of with a few ounces of Egg Nog!

  2. amy says:

    I don’t like the “Signature” hot chocolate either. I just like the regular ole hot chocolate at Sbux. 🙂

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