Old Navy Shopping

Last week I won a $50 off $100 purchase coupon at Old Navy from The Diaper Diaries. I headed out earlier this week to use my coupon and try to get a few thing for both Big Monkey and myself. My sister came along for the trip and was helpful giving some fashion advice (I am apparently lacking in the fashion sense department.) I did rather well and managed to not spend a dime on Little Monkey or Little Monkette. (They have PLENTY of clothes already and didn’t really NEED anything.) Big Monkey needed a new pair of jeans because the pair he wears the most have gotten some holes in them (and not in good places that make the jeans look cool but rather make us look like we are trashy or poor). I have very few items of clothing that fit me right now because I have not yet lost all the weight that I gained being pregnant with Little Monkette.

I started out looking for items for Big Monkey and managed to find some corduroy pants that were on clearance for $8.99. I ended up putting those back and just getting regular jeans. Sadly they were not on sale but probably still worth it for the $29.50. That is not a horrible price for jeans and they should last awhile for Big Monkey. I also checked out the clearance rack but the only thing I could find that I knew Big Monkey would like was a nice pair of leather flip flops.
So for Big Monkey: 1 pair of blue jeans $29.50
1 pair of leather flip flops $4.97 (reg. $19.50)

Next we headed over to the girls’ section and checked out the clearance. This is when our cart started to get rather full. I had plenty to try on. Multiple sizes too because I had no idea what would actually fit. Then the process of trying everything on started. Come to find out, the medium tops I had picked out were too big and even some of the small tops were too big. How on Earth is that possible? And in the pants/skirts that I tried on, both of the ones that fit me were different sizes. Hmmm seems like something is not right here. I mean, if you are a size 8 at Old Navy, then you would think that you would be a size 8 in shorts, pants, skirts, etc. This is apparently not the case. I don’t know if they are aiming to make people who are a little bit larger feel better about themselves because they are wearing a lower number or what. I finished off with some cute pieces and we were right at the $100 mark.
I got:  1 corduroy skirt $7.97 (reg. $26.50)
1 camisole with built in bra $3.47 (reg. $10.50)
1 brown crochet top $8.49 (reg. $24.50)
1 black dressy top $7.49 (reg. $24.50)
1 black and white dress $23.99 (reg. $29.50)
1 pair of grey cargo pants that can roll to capris $13.99 (reg. $29.50)

After my coupon (which was a slight hassle to use because they claimed it took it but didn’t take anything off and maybe it had been used before so that it couldn’t be used now….blah blah blah. I was a little worried but just tried to find the email on my phone to show them. The manager decided that she would let me use it. I hope the other winners did not have a hard time too.) my total came to $53.11. My total was $106.22 for the normal sale/clearance prices. If I had paid retail with tax (which I wouldn’t have done, but still) my total would have been $206.61!


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