Bike Kid Bike!

Ready for Christmas!

Since Big Monkey is working on Christmas Day, we decided that instead of putting Little Monkey’s big kid bike together, taking to Christmas Eve at Grammy and Pops’ house and then bringing it back, that we would just have Christmas today. Once everyone had finished breakfast and gotten dressed, we opened presents. Little Monkey helped everyone else open their presents. Since Little Monkette was sleeping, she didn’t open any of her presents until later (when Little Monkey actually opened all her presents for her!). Once we opened all the gifts, we had Little Monkey go to his room to put on his shoes and a jacket so we could go play outside with some of his new toys. When he came back to the living room he was shocked to find a new big kid bike.

Eeee! For me!?!?!

He immediately climbed on it and tried to ride it in the living room. We took the bike outside, put his helmet on and let him go to town. He LOVES it. I’m so glad that we were able to get him one and it should last a while since we got a 16″ (ages 4-7). It has training wheels on it for now until he can get it all figured out. I’m guessing it will be awhile but he is doing great already at pedaling and steering. He continually asks to go out and ride his bike.


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