A Quick Gift

I saw this idea over at Homebody as part of her series on Thrifty gifts. As soon as I saw it I was trying to figure out who I could make it for. I was thinking it would make a great Christmas gift but really couldn’t find a perfect fit of who to give one to. Then my sister came up with this great gift idea for our mom (I’ll link to it once she posts it.). Since she was including some recipe cards, I decided that I would make one for my mom.

I didn’t do everything the same way as the one in the example above but pretty close. I had a frame on hand that we weren’t using so I started with that. It is a 5×7 and I think an 8×10 would be better but I just used what I had. I picked up some forks at the dollar store (2 forks for a dollar) and grabbed some scrapbook paper from Micheals (on sale for 20cents!). I bought a couple different types of paper because I wasn’t sure which I would really like the best in the frame. In the middle of trying to make cookies and finish getting things ready for Christmas Eve at my parents’ house, I got this put together.

My version

I trimmed the scrapbook paper to fit inside the frame. I took the fork out to the tool bench and bent the tines. I could only get them to a 90 degree angle, so Big Monkey helped get the two outside tines up just a bit more. Then I hot glued the fork in place on the frame. You can now use it for recipe cards or as a picture holder.

When my mom opened it at Christmas, she looked very confused. I laughed and explained what it was for and how I made it to go with the gift that Amy made her. It was a simple gift that did not cost too much. I think it would be great for a bridal shower or housewarming with some recipe cards as a gift. If I do make another one, I plan to use a larger frame so that the fork does fit fully inside the frame.


2 Responses to A Quick Gift

  1. MOM says:

    very clever!!!

  2. Holly says:

    Hey, I think it turned out great! That looks like a pretty fork for the dollar store…I don’t think ours has any that nice. Thanks for linking back!

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