The Day After Christmas-

The day after Christmas and all through the house, all the creatures were stirring. I think they call it cabin fever except that we actually did get out yesterday. It is just that it has been a crazy few days and I think I am ready for things to return to “normal” again-whatever that might be.

Thursday we had Christmas lunch at my parents, followed by Christmas Eve service and then back home to open presents. After everything was opened and even a few things played with, we packed up our gifts and Little Monkey’s stuff and headed back to our house. Big Monkey had to go into work on Christmas Eve. This was his own choice, partly, because they had called offering overtime. If no one picks up the overtime, then they will mandatory someone in. (And yes that could be someone who already said they didn’t want to work the shift.) Big Monkey was scheduled to work on Christmas Day already.

We had planned that I would stay home with the kids most of the day but that we would come up for part of the afternoon and dinner. Apparently Roland did not get the memo that if you open your presents before Christmas morning, you are allowed to sleep in. He was the first one up at 6:45am (Yes I’m sure I shouldn’t complain about this because some of you probably had your kids wake you up way earlier to open gifts!). I took him outside and got his breakfast. Not much longer after that and Little Monkey was up. We got to hang out, just the two of us for a bit before Little Monkette decided it was time to get up too. Most of the day we just hung out and played with some of the new toys we all got for Christmas.

Little Monkey was excited to play with his Big Buzz and we also raced his spaceship and RC remote control vehicles around the living room. When it was a bit warmer (which was still cold) we put on our jackets and went out to ride his new bike. We also put together his new soccer goal that Mimi got him. In the afternoon, we headed over to the fire station to see Big Monkey. The station he is at right now is pretty small, in fact I do believe it is smaller than our house. There is only one other guy on duty there with him. We hung out, had some sloppy joes for dinner (doesn’t that just SCREAM Christmas?!), watched some tv, checked the out the fire truck (actually it is an attack truck so it doesn’t really look anything like a fire engine) and kicked around the soccer ball. Then the kids and I headed back home to hang out until Grandpa came over. He got to our house just after Little Monkey’s bedtime but I had let him stay up so he could see him. After a short time, I put Little Monkey to bed and after Little Monkette ate again, the rest of us headed off to bed.

Today I am tired. Big Monkey and Grandpa went to go play golf this afternoon so the kids and I are just hanging out. I wish we could take a nap but it doesn’t seem like Little Monkey will be doing that. We are having “rest” time right now though, so I should go and try to rest while he does and Roland and Little Monkette are both asleep. 🙂


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