New Television

Recently we had the color part of our projector go out. We really don’t know the how or why but it is costly to get a new bulb. And since this is the second bulb already we decided that we should just get a new tv instead. (The first bulb was the one it came with, the second bulb was given to us under warranty.)

Thankfully my Dad has already done all the research on flat screen tvs, so I just emailed him and had him share his wealth of knowledge. (I figure there is not a lot of reason to do the work yourself when you have someone you trust who has already done it.) My Dad happily (well I’m kinda assuming it was happily) sent over a very long email detailing everything he knew about flat screen tvs. I came home from church and looked through the ads as well as looked online for televisions to compare. I called my Dad and he said the Sony that was on sale at Best Buy looked like a pretty good deal. It was in our list of possibilities. I know a lot of people think you pay more for specific brands (and yes you do) but once we had all the possibilities that we were okay with, the Sony was right at the same price as the others since it was on sale. We even found the exact same Sony tv on sale at HH Gregg for roughly $20 cheaper. We don’t have an HH Gregg or Best Buy here, but we packed up and headed to the closest Best Buy to see some tvs in person.

Looking at the tvs all next to each other is a bit overwhelming. They way they are set up you will see one that really does appear to be so much better than the one next to it but of course it costs an extra $1000. We tried to get some help but it wasn’t happening. Finally Big Monkey tracked down an employee who did help us out some. She didn’t work in the television department though but she did give us some information that we wanted. Then we headed over to the tv desk to see if we could manage to actually purchase the tv we decided on. There were three employees and they were all busy. We waited and waited. We were acknowledged and asked what they could help us with. We told them that we would like to buy a tv. They said they would be with us shortly. Little Monkey was growing restless. A guy finally came to us and said he was going to go find someone who could help us. Okay great. The clock was still ticking for quite a while. Finally a guy came to us and Big Monkey showed him the tv we wanted and asked him a few more questions just to be sure. All was well and we decided to get the tv. Big Monkey even mentioned that HH Gregg had the same tv for about $20 cheaper to see if they would give us that price. The salesman said that he would look it up and give it to us if that was the case. (It was actually more like $22.xx but hey I’ll take the $20 if we can get it so that we don’t have to drive anywhere else.)

While waiting for the tv to appear, we headed over to the home theater department where Monster’s Inc was in the Blu-Ray player. We couldn’t get the movie to start though and asked someone if they could start it to occupy Little Monkey. They did manage to figure it out and there we sat on the end of our little shopping cart waiting for the tv. Big Monkey had me go check to make sure that the employee took the right tag for the tv we wanted. He did so all seemed well. Up rolled the tv and off we went to the counter. Big Monkey decided to get the Best Buy credit card to give us 18 months interest free payments even though the tv will likely be paid off in the next month or two. (Most of the money is coming out of the cash/checks that we were given for Christmas. The rest, hopefully, will come from getting some more items sold on Craigslist.) While he was taking care of that, I took Little Monkey over to Joann’s to return something and look around. Finally Big Monkey called and said that he was in the truck with Little Monkette and the tv waiting for us.

Little Monkey and I checked out at Joanns and headed out to find Big Monkey in the truck. We got to the truck and Big Monkey was very excited about his purchase and handed me the receipt to look at. He wanted to show me that for some reason they gave him an additional $50 off and the $20 off to match (close) HH Gregg’s price. The only problem I saw, they sold him the WRONG tv! You have GOT to be kidding me. Here we are with two little ones who are definitely ready to be headed back home and we have the wrong tv in the back of our truck. LOVELY.

So we drive BACK over to Best Buy. I am VERY glad that Big Monkey had me look at the receipt before we got too far down the road. Big Monkey went in and explained the situation. Someone came out with him to bring the wrong tv back in the store. Thankfully they still had the tv we really were wanting to buy. Now we owed $50 extra dollars because they sold us a cheaper tv (Big Monkey just thought they were giving him a discount.). While he was in there I got Little Monkette changed and debated about feeding her but then saw Big Monkey coming out with the tv. I checked the new receipt to make sure all was well. We headed back towards home. Little Monkette was screaming and I was hoping she would fall asleep, but no such luck. I crawled back to the center seat in the truck (I actually fit better in the center seat in the truck with two car seats than in my center seat with two car seats.) and fed her a bottle until she did fall asleep.

When we got home, Big Monkey HAD to set up the tv right away. So the process the began to get things figured out for how and where everything would go. Once the tv was in place, we decided to rearrange the furniture. Oh man, who’s idea was this anyway! We got the furniture moved and the floor cleaned. After we thought we had it set, I decided I wasn’t really sure I liked it. We tried one more little move and viola! we have a new living room arrangement that I think we will be able to live with. (At least we will be leaving it for a bit to test it out.) The new tv is nice and I think we are both happy with our purchase.

The New TV


One Response to New Television

  1. amypaul says:

    you didn’t post a new pic of the living room set up?! after all that?!?! 🙂

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