Graffiti Artist

Little Monkey decided to draw on his walls yesterday with a blue marker. We were not aware that he was up to this (he had been in his room playing on his computer and with his cars).

Some of the graffiti

Big Monkey had been on the phone and was having a hard time hearing the other person. I’m not sure if that was because we were being too loud or if the other person had a lot of background noise too. In order to get a little more quiet, Big Monkey went into Little Monkey’s room and shut the door. While he was in there, he noticed that Little Monkey had done a little bit of redecorating of his wall and the back of his door. Once he was done with his phone call, he called Little Monkey in and asked him about the artwork.

Little Monkey owned up to the drawings and Big Monkey gave him a stern lecture about the fact that we only color on paper and not on the walls. Little Monkey agreed to not color on walls anymore and we all went outside to play. (We were waiting for Big Monkey to get off the phone so we could play outside.) While we were playing, Big Monkey and I decided we should document this event with a picture. Big Monkey came up with the idea to make a sign like a person holds in booking photos so I put his name on a piece of cardboard and gave him an inmate number. Once we were all cold enough we headed back in the house. Big Monkey and Little Monkey went to his room to put away his jacket and shoes. I got the camera and the booking sign and headed in too. And that is when Big Monkey saw it. More coloring on the walls! So we had a little talk again about coloring on the walls (This new art was done previously; we just hadn’t seen it yet.). We asked Little Monkey if there was anywhere else that he colored with the marker that he wasn’t supposed to. Sure enough he owned up to even more drawings!  He has also drawn on a few of his toy bins. We took his picture with his sign and once again had a conversation about what we are allowed to color on.

He looks so innocent doesn't he?

Once we had gotten through the third conversation about what we are allowed to color on, I headed out to the garage to get the Magic Eraser. I was hoping that the Magic Eraser would come through for us. Little Monkey and I headed back into his room to try to remove the graffiti from his wall. I showed him how the Magic Eraser worked and off he went. He did a great job and we were able to remove all the marker from his walls, door, bookcase and toy bins. I asked him again if there was anywhere else that we needed to clean from his coloring but he said that was all of it. Hopefully he is right. And hopefully this will be the first and last time that he draws on things other than paper.

Performing his community service.


2 Responses to Graffiti Artist

  1. Joe O. says:

    I like that he has a grin in his “mug shot.” Kinda looks like Shia LaBeouf’s mug shot 🙂

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