Happy New Year!

January 1, 2010

Welcome to the new year. Did you stay up last night to ring in the new year?

I thought we’d take today to look back at last year. I spent some time looking over my stats and seeing what posts were the most popular, as well as the most popular referrals. Here is a run down of some of the stats:

Top 10 Blog Posts:
1. Cash4Books.net Review 2,123 views
2. Blockbuster Express? 2,048 views
3. Hawaiian Chicken Freezer Meal 303 views
4. A New PKU Food Recipe 263 views
5. A Little Bit About Me 212 views
6. Homemade Lacing Cards 190 views
7. Walgreens/Kellogg’s Deals 147 views
8. Gift Ideas 113 views
9. Blockbuster Express Rent One, Get One 107 views
10. Free Blockbuster Express Rental 91 views

The most popular referrer was amypaul.wordpress.com. Not including individual posts, amypaul.wordpress.com referred 746 people to my blog!

The most popular search terms used to get to my blog include the following:
Blockbuster Express (or some variation of that)
Cash4books.net review (or some variation of that)
third watch
movie reel
cake balls

It is always interesting to see what leads people to my blog. Sometimes I find some odd things that make me laugh. Nothing recently though that has been too crazy though.

Hope you have a great new year and I look forward to many more blogs to come.