Soda Acid Surround Sound

When my Grandaddy passed away, my mom and her siblings had to go through his house and take care of all his stuff. They found some lamps that none of them wanted. They were just going to toss them or give them away I think. Big Monkey saw the lamps and HAD to have them. The lamps were made out of old Soda Acid Fire Extinguishers. We had the lamps in our old house and in our office when we moved to this house until there was no longer an office. We moved them to our rooms and Big Monkey wanted to take the lamps out and change them into coat racks. The only issue with that was the fact that they were disassembled and never turned into coat racks. Instead we just draped things on them and ran into them a lot.

Yesterday Big Monkey had the great idea to try to turn them into speaker stands for our surround sound system. It sounded like a good idea to me. He got to work trying to make it happen. Amazingly, we had all the needed supplies to make it happen. A little bit later we ended up with two new speaker stands made from Soda Acid Fire Extinguishers. Perfect for a firefighter’s house.

Soda Acid Speaker Stand


One Response to Soda Acid Surround Sound

  1. Amy says:

    Actually…I had these lamps with me in college, etc. Somehow in one of my moves or another they ended up in your possession. 🙂

    Kati Here: I recall getting the lamps from the outback/guest room/cottage at grandaddys house-odd I didn’t know you ever had them 🙂

    Amy’s response: weird…maybe there was more than one set…or maybe the set i had somehow made it back to grandaddy’s house…who knows?

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