Calendar Kid Craft

January 3, 2010

Yesterday Home Depot was offering another free Kid’s Workshop. I wanted to take Little Monkey to it because he enjoys the projects but I woke up feeling very bad. I took some medicine and a shower and a little bit later started feeling better. I went to finally hang up Little Monkette’s hairbow holder and Little Monkey wanted to help. He wasn’t able to help with that project but since it wasn’t noon yet I told him to get his shoes on and we’d go to Home Depot.

We got to Home Depot and they finally had the kid’s sized aprons so he got one of those with his name on it. We had the craft explained to us and then headed over to a table to get to work. Little Monkey did a good job hammering in the nails and putting glue on the pieces when it was needed. We didn’t finish the project because the lady told Little Monkey that we could paint the project before putting the stickers on it. Of course that meant that Little Monkey HAD to paint it and he wanted to paint it green (His favorite color). We took our project home with our completion certificate, pin and apron and found some paint and brushes. We painted as much of the project as we could and then left it to try. Hopefully later today we will finish off the painting and add the stickers once it is dry.

Hammering the nails in

Once again I am happy with our experience at Home Depot Kids Workshop. Little Monkey enjoyed the time out and it gave us some one on one time since Big Monkey stayed home with Little Monkette. If you haven’t seen them and are interested, please feel free to check the other Kids Workshops we have done at Home Depot. We made a wagon and also a bean bag toss. Home Depot offers these free workshops on the first Saturday of every month. We will be going back again for another craft.