David’s “Purse”

January 4, 2010

In Sunday School yesterday, Little Monkey learned about the story of David and Goliath. He has heard this story plenty of times before and really likes the VeggiesTales version, “Dave and the Giant Pickle.” When I picked him up from class, his teacher helped to explain what his craft was. He had made a pouch with rocks in it, in case he were to meet Goliath.

As we walked to the car, Little Monkey told me about his purse with stones and refused to take it off to get in his car seat. When we went to see Big Monkey at the fire station he didn’t want to leave it in the car and cried about it. He was very upset about leaving his “purse.” He even had to wear his purse when we went into the grocery store. He told me that he had a purse now, just like I did. I tried to tell him it was a pouch, but he insisted that it is a purse. Okay Little Monkey, Okay. I’m pretty sure David did not call it his purse. He was probably happy calling it a pouch or bag.

Showing off his rocks and "purse"