Baby Shower Presents

January 10, 2010

Little Monkette and I went to a baby shower yesterday for a girl from our church. She did not have a gift registry because she said that they already had everything they really needed. I was originally thinking that I would get her some diapers and wipes since every baby needs plenty of each. After some time and thought though, I decided to make her a few things. I have been making “tag” blankets as gifts for many of our friends when they have babies so I planned to make her one too. I ended up making a matching gift set with the personalized tag blanket, tie onesie, set of pee pee teepees and a personalized pacifier. I found a tutorial for the pee pee teepees at Little Birdie Secrets. The pacifier is an item that we sell in our etsy shop.

For each item I wrote a little saying/poem and attached to the wrapped gift. I originally did this because I was thinking I might need to explain the Pee Pee TeePees. After I came up with a poem for it (I didn’t like any of the ones I found online.), I decided that all the other items needed something too. It sounded like a great idea and it was but it took a bit of work for me to come up with stuff. I even posted on my Facebook status asking for help! Amy came through and helped me with two of the items. Here is what I had attached to each item:

1. It can be hard to dress up your guy, But he’s sure to look handsome in this little tie.
2. Tag! (Baby’s Name Here) is it! He will love cuddling with this blanket.
3. Changing diapers are often a pain; Especially with boys who make it rain.
Next time put this tent on his “wee,” To be sure that you aren’t covered in pee!
4. “He’ll never stop crying,” you might think, Plug him up with a personalized bink.