A Little Bit of Bling!

January 14, 2010

At Christmas, Amy got a new case for her cell phone. It was fun and full of bling. I decided that I would spend some of my Christmas money for a new case for my phone too. I looked on Overstock.com (where hers came from) and found that they had one that was almost matching for my type of phone! It was only $10 with Free Shipping! So I ordered it! I was very excited when it arrived and put it on my phone almost immediately. I love the little bit of bling (okay so there is quite a bit of bling) and I often get comments from people about it.

One day Amy came over to hang out with the kids and me and Little Monkey asked why she had my phone. She assured him that it was her phone. Then he asked why we had the same phone case. 🙂 So smart and observant he is.

So if a little bit of bling will help to brighten up your life a little bit, try checking out a new phone cover. It can be pretty cheap so you can change it whenever you are ready for something different.