First Bowl Of Cereal!

January 15, 2010

PKU Lp-Ringlets and Rice Dream Original

From the title, you might guess that Little Monkette has started on baby cereal. And if you did guess that, you would be wrong. Yes, you are reading that right. Little Monkey, who is almost four, tried his first bowl of cereal and milk yesterday. He has tried dry cereal before but never had milk with it since he can’t have regular milk. Yesterday we got a package from UPS and Little Monkey said it was for him. It did not have his name on it but he was right, it was for him. Nutricia had sent us some cereal to try for free. Little Monkey had never had this kind before so I requested it. They actually sent us SIX boxes of cereal! As soon as I pulled one box of cereal out, Little Monkey just HAD to try it. I was hoping this would be a good thing. Most PKU foods that he tries, except for the pasta, he doesn’t like. I poured him a cup of it and he started eating it. Much to my surprise he ate quite a bit of it and said he liked it.

Shortly after digging into the cereal, he asked me for some “white” for his cup. We discussed and I found out that he wanted to have some milk on his cereal, just like Mommy and Daddy. He cannot have regular milk but since we were planning on heading out to the post office, I told him we would go to Publix instead and get him some milk. He was very excited to try out his cereal and milk. When we got home I made him a bowl and we sat at the table to try it out.

Yummy New Cereal!

He ate it all and seemed to enjoy it. When I calculated how much the cereal and milk was worth for his daily points, (including the dry cereal he ate earlier) it was only worth TEN points! This will be great for when he decides to finally eat more food in a day! I told him that if he wanted, every morning he could decide if he wanted to have cereal and milk or a waffle. I also let him know that he can have the other kinds of cereals with his milk too. He seemed excited about it, so hopefully this will help him want to eat other kinds of foods too.

Even drank his milk after he finished!