Little Things

January 22, 2010

This is a post for little things that I would like to remember but do not necessarily require their very own post. Random stuff. 🙂

  • One day while playing in Little Monkette’s room, Little Monkey noticed the clock in the hallway with pictures of him from his first year of life. He said, “Mommy, Look at me. I was a little baby!” I said, “Yes, you were. How did you get so big?” He replied, “I eat a lot of food.” 🙂 I suppose that is correct since it is part of the equation.
  • It is amazing how much easier it is to use a computer screen that has been cleaned off! I cleaned off the screen and was almost shocked by how nice things look without little kid finger smudges and dog nose smudges!
  • I am often thankful for the “On Demand” channels on our television. When there is NOTHING else worth watching, I can find something for me (sometimes) or more often something for Little Monkey to watch. 25 minutes of calm and relative quiet can go a LONG way in this house.
  • During the recent freezing temperatures in Florida, we used a space heater (GASP! Can you believe that?!?! In THIS house!!!) to help keep the kids’ rooms a little warmer. We would put it in their rooms about and hour before they went to bed and then put it in the hallway once they were both in bed. One morning Little Monkey came to my room and said, “Oh I forgot to turn off the hotter (heater).” I laughed and told him it was okay because he is not allowed to touch it. I went and turned of the “hotter” for him. 🙂