Blockbuster Express Codes

January 23, 2010

If you haven’t already used these codes, check out what is still available for free rentals through Blockbuster Express!

Free Rental: KIOSK Expires 2/10/10

Rent one Get one Free: GW11B3 Expires 1/25/10
Rent one Get one Free GT9RB Expires 1/31/10
Rent one Get one Free: POPCORN Expires 2/3/10
Rent one Get one Free: 211B2 Expires 2/5/10

The above codes are all ones I received in emails from Blockbuster Express or from a coupon at Publix. I have used KIOSK before, so it does work (well at least when I rented it did).

The codes you find below are ones that I found online and I do not know if any of them do actually work.

Free Rental: GV9TA4 Expires 1/22/10
Free Rental: G211A2 Expires 1/29/10
Free Rental: GT11A Expires 1/31/10
Free Rental: TM9SA Expires 1/31/10
Free Rental: GT9SA Expires 1/31/10
Free Rental: BBXPUB Unknown expiration